10 rupee coins are valid: RBI

Reserve Bank Of India has announced that people need not panic because there are rumours that 10 rupee coins are demonetized. The RBI has announced that it has made no announcement regarding this.
After the demonetization of the currencies, there was a heavy cash crunch, When people where exchanging Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes people accepted 10 rupee coins since there was shortage in new Rs 2000 and Rs 500 notes. Those who had got this 10 rupee coins and the people who had already has possession of these coins were gripped in fear because there was rumours that these coins would be demonetized.
RBI said in a statement: It has been reported that some less-informed or uninformed persons who suspect the genuineness of such coins are creating doubts in the minds of ordinary people including traders, shopkeepers, etc, impeding the circulation of these coins in certain pockets of the country causing avoidable confusion. The Reserve Bank has advised members of the public not to give credence to such ill-informed notions and ignore them and continue to accept these coins as legal tender in all their transactions without any hesitation,