One lakh first responders as part of emergency initiative

100000 volunteers will soon act as first responders in Bangalore. They will
attend to medical emergencies before the ambulance arrives.

The initiative has been named The 100K First Response, and has been started by city-based emergency response mobile application CallAmbulance. The programme, aims to train over 1,00,000 volunteers by the end of March this year, to make the city emergency-friendly. A mobile application ‘100K First Response’ has been developed in order to build the network of first responders.

Speaking about the initiative, senior executives of CallAmbulance said, In India, 7.2 lakh cardiac arrests occur every year. Only 1% of the victims survive. This is because immediate care is not provided to the victim. With citizen involvement the survival rates can be improved up to 40%. First responders will be able to stabilise and save victims of common emergencies before the ambulance arrives. Our goal is to see that there are trained first responders in every family. We also want 3 to 4 per cent employees of every company to be first responders. Once we have successfully established a network in Bangalore, we will expand to other cities in India.